About Us

SkyCastle Co. began with a love of carefully handcrafted wooden toys and dream of creating a high quality, open ended play environment for our children. 

The first indoor climbing structure we crafted was intended as a gift for our two small children. We wanted something to help them channel their boundless energy while playing indoors during the cold winter months and we wanted it to be minimalistic and appealing to the eye. Our indoor jungle gyms received so much interest that we began making and selling them within our local community and SkyCastle Co. was born! 

We've since been expanding our handcrafted collection to include bunk beds, playhouses and other speciality furniture items, all centred around the theme of creating whimsical spaces for children to enjoy. 

As we prepared to enter the global marketplace with the launch of our website  we knew we wanted to take SkyCastle Co. the next level. We want to not only share our handcrafted furniture but also our love of all beautiful high quality children's items, while supporting other skilled makers in the process! This is why throughout our website you will find a mix of our speciality handcrafted furniture as well as our most loved children toys and playroom items.

Each week are working hard to expand our carefully curated collection of beautiful children's items. We hope within our pages there is a little something for everyone to love!