Custom Play Structure Design Services


Custom Design service is the first step in the creation phase of your handmade custom project- be it a bunk bed, climber, playhouse or alterations to existing products. Included in this service is full 3D rendering of your project space and desired structure to enable you to visualize the custom product you will be ordering. Once you are 100% satisfied with the structure design we will quote you separately for the full cost of building your structure. 

Please get in touch with us and schedule a consultation before purchasing custom design service. After getting to know your project we will advise you on which design  tier is required for your project. 

Tier Examples:

Tier 1: Design customizations to existing products 

Tier 2: Small scale single structure designs (Bunk beds, climbers etc.)

Tier 3: Medium scale single structure designs 

Tier 4: Multi Structure designs in commercial or residential play spaces 

Tier 5: Large scale, multi structure design projects for commercial use

Design services are non-refundable as services are rendered whether or not you decide to purchase a physical structure. If you decide to make a purchase the corresponding design fee is waived from your structure quote.


**Copyright Disclaimer for Product Design Services - SkyCastle Company Incorporated**

SkyCastle Company Incorporated ("SkyCastle") provides product design services to its clients and customers. This copyright disclaimer outlines our policy regarding copyright and the use of design work:
**Ownership**: Unless explicitly agreed upon otherwise in writing, SkyCastle retains all rights, including but not limited to copyright, to any design concepts, drawings, sketches, models, prototypes, or other creative works ("Work") produced during the course of providing product design services.
**License**: Upon the completion of the project and receipt of full payment for our services, the client/customer is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Work for the specific purpose for which it was created. This license does not grant the client/customer the right to reproduce, distribute, subcontract, modify, or create derivative works from the Work without the prior written consent of SkyCastle. 
 **Attribution**: The client/customer agrees to credit SkyCastle for the design work in any publication, presentation, or communication where the Work featured. 
 **Payment**: Full payment for our services is required for the client/customer to obtain the license and rights outlined in this disclaimer.
**Dispute Resolution**: Any disputes related to copyright, ownership, or the terms of this disclaimer shall be resolved through negotiation or arbitration, as agreed upon by both parties.
**Changes to Terms**: SkyCastle reserves the right to update or modify this copyright disclaimer at any time. Clients/customers will be notified of any significant changes in writing.This copyright disclaimer is subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the client/customer to review and agree to the most recent version of this disclaimer before engaging in any product design services with SkyCastle.
By engaging in our product design services, the client/customer acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agreed to the terms outlined in this copyright disclaimer.

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