Mini Tow Truck

  • Handmade
  •   Spark your child’s imagination with this sturdy wooden toy tow truck. All children will love to play construction with this solid wood tow truck. The hinged back allows for true play. This unpainted mini tow truck is durable to last through the generations. Personalize it with your child’s name engraved across the front to make it extra special. It is finished with walnut oil and has a smooth surface, safe for all ages.

    - 6.3” x 3.2” x 2.8”
    - 16cm x 8.5cm x 7cm

    🖌 Personalization:
    We can personalize it by engraving your kid's name on the toy (you can also request customization)

    ⚠️ Safety:
    Our wood toys are created to be safe and natural toys for children and babies. No chemicals are used to create these environmentally friendly toys for your little ones. Each toy is quality made with 100% biodegradable natural wood products. They are sanded satin smooth and safe for all children.

    🗒 Item Features:
    - Ecologically clean wood (7 kinds of natural wood)
    - Finished with safe raw walnut oil
    - Unpainted
    - Personalized name engraving
    - Safe for all ages
    - Perfect for both boys and girls
    - Great as a gift
    - Comes in a cloth gift bag

    ⚙️ Processing:
    Please allow us 1-3 days to prepare your item for shipping.

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