XL Wooden Toy Bus


We adore this gorgeous heirloom quality wooden toy school bus! Its sturdy, play focused construction means this pieces will survive years of being a well loved favourite toy in your family! The fine sanded finish and satisfying heavy handed weight of this solid wood toy make it a delight for children to maneuver around the room during play. 100% handmade with safe materials and finished with linseed oil- a food grade, play safe sealant. It’s perfect for all ages and makes a wonderful gift! 

At SkyCastle Co. We support environmentally safe, sustainable consumer choices with our curated line of handmade heirloom quality wooden toys. We believe that choosing quality over quantity encourages deeper creative play, develops a child's sense of responsibility in ownership and reinforces a generational 'slow toy' mindset. Start your family's heirloom toy collection today with one of our wooden toy vehicles built to last through the generations!

KW ⚠️ Safety Statement:

"Our wood toys are created to be safe and natural toys for children and babies. No chemicals are used to create these environmentally friendly toys for your little ones. Each toy is quality made with 100% biodegradable natural wood products. They are sanded satin smooth and safe for all children.

🗒 Item Features:

- Ecologically clean wood (7 kinds of wood)

- Finished with safe raw walnut oil

- Unpainted

- Safe for all ages

- Perfect for both boys and girls

- Great as a gift

- Comes in a cloth gift bag


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